Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
FURUNO GP-170 GPS Navigators

FURUNO GP-170 GPS Navigators

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    Ideal position sensors for radar, AIS, ECDIS, autopilot, bathymeter and other navigation and communication equipment

    Fully meet the performance test standards of IMO MSC. 112 (73) and IEC 61108-1: GPS receivers

    High sensitivity antenna elements enhance the stability and accuracy of positioning.

    GPS receiver integrates stronger noise suppression function, realizes anti-jamming function and requires antenna unit GPA-020S or GPA-021S for advanced tolerance to multi-path suppression.

    Improving and enhancing accuracy by using SBAS (Satellite Enhancement System) and DGPS (Required optional GPS radio beacon receiver and antenna unit GPA-021S)

    Fully meet the performance test standards of IMO MSC. 114 (73) and IEC 61108-4: DGPS radio beacon receivers

    10 Hz position update rate (position update every 0.1 seconds) to achieve stable ship position tracking

    Front panel with USB interface

    Route data, menu settings, user settings can be input and output through USB flash memory.

    Route data, menu settings, user settings can be input and output through USB flash memory

    Route points, routes and other data set by users on one device can be shared with another device for backup.

    Preparations for BAM (Bridge Building Alarm Management)

    It meets the standard requirements of IMO MSC. 302 (87) alarm and internal interconnection.

    The network interface fully meets the new mandatory Ethernet communication standard IEC61162-450, and can effectively access the efficient network integration bridge building system.

    GP-170 Fully Compatible Light Network (IEC61162-450)

    5.7 inch color LCD (640x480 pixels) display data

    Simple Operational Menu

    Operators can navigate through the menu tree and enter the menu by clicking on the number of corresponding menu items on the cursor disk or on the digital keyboard.

    Enhancing Route Planning and Management Functions

    The whole range of navigation information will be integrated into the route.

    Create streamlined routes with external computers

    The route information can be transmitted to the electronic chart to supplement the ability of route monitoring.


    Display unit

    Type5.7 "color liquid crystal display (116.16 mm x 87.12 mm)
    Screen resolution640 (H) x 480 (V) pixels (VGA)
    GPS antenna


    (Designation at scheduled time)

    * Optional when beacon receiver is loaded into display unit.

    Display modePlotter, route, course, data, synthesis


    Receiving type

    GPS: 12 ch

    SBAS: 2 ch

    Receiving frequency1575.42 MHz±1.023 MHz
    Positioning accuracy

    GPS: No more than 10 m

    DGPS: No more than 5 m

    WAAS: No more than 3 m

    MSAS: No more than 7 m

    Graph plotter

    Memory capacity

    1,000 comment points, up to 20 per point

    Characters; 2,000

    Route points; 100 routes (1,000 routes per route)


    Waterproof grade

    Display unit: IP25

    Antenna unit: IP56

    Power12-24 VDC
    Size185 (H) x 275 (W) x 89 (D)

    2.2 kg 4.9 lb (GPS-free beacon receiver)

    2.4 kg 5.29 lb (Beacon Receiver Including DGPS)

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