Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
FURUNO Doppler sonar DS-60

FURUNO Doppler sonar DS-60

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    FURUNO Doppler sonar provides accurate and real-time information of ship motion and water velocity in order to achieve safe berthing and docking operations.

    It fully meets the requirements of IMO MSC. 36 (63), MSC. 96 (72), A. 694 (17) and A. 824 (19), 50,000 GT and above.

    Provides high-precision measurements for berthing and docking maneuvers.

    Three beams of light transmission reduce the influence of pitch and roll of ships, so as to output precise measurements.

    The measuring range of ground tracking speed can reach 200 meters.

    Because of its compact sensor unit, the installation workload is greatly reduced.

    The 8.4-inch color LCD display can provide high-definition real-time information in graphics and alphanumeric.

    Provide remote control and dimming controller. (Optional supply)

    Waterproof box for wing mounted display. (Optional supply)

    Additional remote displays can be selected from color LCD (DS-600/RD-50) and red LED displays. (RD-20)

    Waterproof connectors for sensors. (Selectable according to purchase order)


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