Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
KZT-1 Searchlight Control Board

KZT-1 Searchlight Control Board

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    Technical Parameter

    Power supply: AC220V

    Weight: not more than 90Kg

    Ambient temperature: - 30℃ ~45℃

    Telecontrol turntable

    Rotation range:

    Looking up: 15 degree looking down: 35

    Left turn: 180° +10°, right turn: 180° +10°.

    Protection: IP56

    Color: Beige

    Shell: stainless steel


    Light Source Type: Ultra High Pressure Spherical Mercury Xenon Lamp

    Bulb power: 1KW

    Axial Light Intensity: More than 8 x 10 CD

    Radiation Distance: 1KM

    Scattering angle: +2

    Maximum temperature: 95℃

    Insulation strength: 2200V

    Installation Method of Turntable

    1. When the searchlight is integrated with the turntable, attention should be paid to keeping the lamp holder from turning when moving, so as to avoid the motor of the turntable being damaged by excessive torques.

    2. Attention should be paid to the following items when installing lamp holders:

    A. Installation of the lamp holder requires coordinated operation by three persons. Two persons lift the lamp holder and one person aligns the lower hole position.

    B. First remove the two M12 nuts from the lifting shaft of the turntable, and then insert the holes, stuffing box, nuts, gaskets, U-shaped rods, cushion cushions and nuts into the lifting shaft.

    C. Align the front of the searchlight in the direction indicated by the arrow of the turntable and fasten the lamp holder on the table with two M10 screws.

    D. Release all the lock handles on the lamp. Tighten the U-shaped rod on the lamp holder and the lifting shaft with nuts, and the lamp is in a horizontal position.

    E. Connect the electrical circuit according to the wiring diagram, turn on the power supply on the control board, pull the lever upward, the lamp body upward, when the elevation is about 10 degrees, if not correct, adjust the two M12 nuts on the lifting axis. The maximum elevation and pitch angle of the lamp can be adjusted by changing the relative position of the U-shaped rod and the lifting shaft.

    F. Pull the lever downward, and the lamp body is projected downward. When the motor is limited, the angle of the projection is about 40 degrees. Pay attention to the lifting rod can not touch the lamp body, otherwise adjust the lifting rod nut.



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