Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
HXD Navigation Light Controller

HXD Navigation Light Controller

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    1. Navigation signal light controller is used to monitor and control navigation lights by drivers of various ships during navigation. The controller adopts single-chip technology, easy to use and maintain, and can control the work of multi-channel navigation signals. It also has the function of failure alarm of external signal lamp, panel LED indication and dimming indication. The output terminal is equipped with self-recovery fuse, which avoids the trouble of replacing fuse due to line failure. This product is designed in accordance with MSC253 (83) Performance Standards for Navigation Lamp, Navigation Lamp Controller and Related Equipment, and meets the requirements of the Code for Classification of Steel Marine Vessels (2009 edition) and the conditions for marine use.

    II. Structural characteristics

    Installation of operation panel, PVC film sticking, touch keys lightly, panel indicator with dimming function, text and graphics on the panel can be easily recognized, each button corresponds to an output, according to user requirements, text and graphics can be designed.

    III. Main Functions

    1. The state of each external navigation lamp can be controlled (on or off), and the visual indication of the on/off state of the external navigation lamp can be displayed on the operation panel.

    2. It has the function of detecting the faults of external navigation lights and main power.

    3. When a fault occurs, the controller has contact signal output and external "muffling" interface.

    4. The controller should have a flash control interface to control the flashing of external navigation lights.

    5. The controller has the function of test lamp, and the brightness of the indicator lamp on the operation panel can be adjusted.

    6. The controller has a standard serial interface to connect VDR.

    7. When the system fails, the state of the external navigation lights can be controlled urgently.

    Technical Parameter

    Navigation lamp controller can control 24-way navigation lamp/signal lamp to the maximum. The standard product is 16-way (260 long *180 wide *130 high).

    Single output maximum power: less than 80W (incandescent bulb).

    Flash control output: Flash frequency is 125 + 3 times per minute, turn on for 3 seconds and turn off for 15 seconds.

    Serial Port: The data format conforms to NMEA0183 protocol, and the baud rate is 4800.

    Protection Level: IP20


    The connecting cables between the control board and the operation board are all CEFP type 2 x 2 x 1 communication cables, and the outer shield layer should be grounded reliably.

    When connecting the power supply, attention should be paid to the nominal voltage of the controller and the position of the wiring terminal, and no mistake should be made.

    When you need to replace the external navigation lights, please turn off the power supply, do not live operation!



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