Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
KBJ-11 Monitoring alarm Panel

KBJ-11 Monitoring alarm Panel

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    It can be used to monitor the working status of cabin equipment, distribution board and other equipment. Microprocessing technology is adopted. It can monitor the input points of 34 switches and extend the monitoring status to the repeater. It is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized ships.

    Input signal: Closed or open alarm can be set according to the actual situation. When the input signal changes, the corresponding LED indicator flashes, the built-in loudspeaker sounds, and the contact closes immediately.

    Delay: When monitoring signals such as liquid level and oil level, input delay can be set by monitoring alarm board to avoid false alarm.

    Test lamp/dimming: Press the "test lamp" button on the panel to test the status of the panel indicator. If the key time exceeds two seconds, the panel indicator can be dimmed.

    Output signal: When an alarm occurs, the "immediate output" contact closes. If there is no response after 2 minutes, the "delayed contact" closes. Press the "silence" button to restore.

    Repeater Interface: Maximum 4 repeaters can be connected. Serial port communication technology is used to synchronously display monitoring status. Four-core cable is used to connect the host and the repeater.

    Technical Parameters

    power supply:AC220V±10%0.5A Dc24V±25%1A

    The capacities of immediate contact and delay contact are AC250V0.6A or DC30V2A, and the output delay time is 2 minutes.

    Capacity: The maximum of KBJ-11 is 11 routes; the maximum of KBJ-34 is 34 routes. (Maximum 64 routes can be designed according to customer requirements)

    Use environment:-5~55℃ Humidity not greater than RH95



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