Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
FURUNO WASSP multi-beam sonar

FURUNO WASSP multi-beam sonar

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    WASSP is the first product to bring the advantages of multi-beam technology into full play in the field of fisheries.

    Providing impressive underwater and seabed images, WASSP allows you to accurately lock in fish echoes and instantly map seabed structure and seabed hardness in 3D form.

    WASSP multi-beam sonar has unparalleled accuracy, wide scanning area of about 120 degrees and real-time 3D high-definition drawing.

    The ratio of left and right 120 degree scanning area and water depth area is 3:1

    Continuous and real-time 2-D and 3-D water and seabed mapping for stability in sloping, rocking and undulating conditions*

    Choose a display range based on the need at a given time

    Recording and playback measurements or fish swarm information for further analysis

    WASSP sonar probe meter can use two frequencies

    160 kHz: Measurable depth of 200 m

    80kHz: Measurable 500 m depth

    WASSP multi-beam sonar is not complicated, it contains three modules.

    Compact Probe (Mixed Arrangement of Transmitter and Receiver)

    Black Box Transceiver Unit

    Processing Unit with Keyboard and Mouse

    New functions added after software upgrade

    Compatible with TZ plotting software

    Compatible Sensors



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