Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
BL-3 Siren

BL-3 Siren

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    In order to determine the working status of the bridge building attendants and monitor the consciousness of the attendants, if the attendants do not press the reset key in the scheduled time, the system will notify the senior crew or other personnel to take measures. In addition, through this device, emergency calls can be made when an emergency occurs. The product meets the requirements of MSC. 128 (75). Marine environmental clauses mainly implement the requirements of CCS Code for Classification of Steel Marine Vessels. It is suitable for all kinds of ships.

    System Composition

    1KBJ-NBridge Navigational Watch Alarm Controller2KgIP20used for Wheelhouse
    2AN-NAlarm button0.2KgIP44used for Wheelhouse
    3AN-NJEmergency Call0.15KgIP56used for Bridge
    4BL-3Wall type alarm0.5KgIP44used for Indoor
    5BL-3Qflush type alarm0.3KgIP22used for Indoor

    Function and Usage

    1, the "off" state: the supply of power to the system, the key switch is in the "off" position, the system does not start. Time setting: according to the control panel on the "Settings" button, you can modify the dormancy time range of 3-12 minutes.

    Rhythm settings: press the panel on the "emergency" key does not let go, at this time the digital display "1", said the current choice of the first pace, press "set" button, "2", said a total of second kinds of rhythm; optional 4 different rhythm. Release of the "reset" button that choice, an alarm system will be selected according to the rhythm of the output.

    2, "manual": the key switch is in the "manual" position, the alarm system to start immediately, and displays the remaining time in the digital tube in the countdown (per minute, arrive at a predetermined time decreasing) at the end of the visual system sends out alarm signal, digital display "0" flashes, and the alarm button indicator flashing lights. If 15 seconds after reset, the system will send a alarm signal, and the controller on the buzzer sounds. If not reset after 15 seconds, the system will send two alarm signal, the signal can be extended to standby duty officers or crew room. If the two level alarm is not reset after 90 seconds, the system will send three alarm signal, the alarm signal can be extended to more locations.

    3, the state of "automatic": the key switch is in the "automatic" position, the system is in the ready state, the system can be remote start, such as automatic navigation signals over autopilot.

    4, reset: at any time after the system starts, in any position to press the reset button, the system will eliminate the alarm output, and re timing.

    5, self: according to the remote control panel on the "test" button, all lights on the panel of Ying Liang, the buzzer sounds, after 2 seconds if no release of the "test" button panel indicator lamp brightness from dark to light four speed change, in that light brightness suitable for the release of the "test" button, buzzer stop sound, then the panel indicator should be according to the current brightness.

    6, emergency call: the system is in the dormant state of timing, then press the control panel on the "emergency" button, the system immediately issued a two level and three level alarm signal.

    7, power failure alarm: when the main power failure, the controller panel on "power failure" flashing buzzer power failure alarm signal, at the same time the fault relay. According to the control panel "silencing" button, the buzzer stops sounding, "power failure" is often bright. The main power recovery after "power failure" lights, fault relay disconnect, and automatically switch to the main power supply controller. If not according to the "mute" button and the main power recovery, sound and light alarm state should remain intact.



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